David Burke and Harvard
Karen and Melanie Thomson with Donegan
Sally Welsh and Hathaway
Janet Gowans and Aint She Sweet
Suzanne Menzie and Rumble
Heather Down and Drifter
Annaliese with Michelle Bartlett's Beyond P
"Qualified riders for stallions and young horses are extremely hard to find. A rider who can also regularly win the approval of dressage judges in Canada and the US is even more impressive and Annaliese Farber is that package. Quality horses and bloodlines are wasted without the necessary training and effective presentation in the ring. Pangaea Farms is thankful to have Annaliese with her vast knowledge and skills successfully training and competing our horses. She has been Pangaea Farm's main rider for the past 10 years and has successfully developed, presented and excelled with three of our Licensed Stallions. With Hanoverian Stallion Rodero (Rabino x Diadem) she competed in lower level dressage and correctly identified his talent for the show jumper ring where he flourished with great success. With the more dressage suited Hanoverian Sire Harvard (Hohenstein x Cardinal) she polished his ability and within 2 years was Advanced Dressage Champion of Ontario and the pair was Long Listed for the Canadian Dressage Team. Now partnered with the talented Oldenburg Stallion Sandro's Heir (Sandro Hit x Castro) they are making their mark in dressage throughout Canada and the US. He had initially competed in Show Jumping in Germany but under Annaliese’s guidance for the past 2 ˝ years, the sensitive 8 year old Stallion has blossomed into a successful Advanced competitor and became Long Listed for the Canadian Dressage Team at his very first Advanced Level CDI! Annaliese has a special gift for training, managing and competing breeding stallions. Her excellent training and years of experience with top riders in Germany prepared her well. She possesses a incredible work ethic and the ingenuity to bring out the best in each horse regardless of it’s background and personality. Pangaea Farms is proud and honoured to have her as our rider, trainer and friend over many years and hopefully long into the future.
Without Annaliese Pangaea Farms would not be where it is today!"

David Burke
Pangaea Farms

“I have had the privilege of riding under Annaliese’s tutorage for the past 5+ years. Her devotion to her sport and passion for learning is contagious. I only have to look to the improvement of my own riding and the proper development of my young horses to attest to the correctness of the training methods Annaliese employs. It is not only the vast success that Annaliese is experiencing on her own but the successes of her students that truly reflect her abilities as a coach and a mentor. Every success that I have had over the
past few years we have celebrated together and every learning opportunity was taken in stride. Annaliese will always teach her riders to be trainers, to develop their mounts to the best of their abilities while always
keeping the welfare of the horse first and foremost. I look forward to what my future holds in this challenging sport, not just because of the talents of my horses but also for the opportunity to develop these talents to their fullest potential under her careful tutorage.”

Melanie Thomson
Robins Glen Sport Horses

"We have been sending our young horses to be started by Annaliese Farber for many years and would never consider entrusting our horses with anyone else.  Annaliese takes a very patient but firm approach which pays dividends in that everything they learn stays with them.  She brings out their abilities and movement to the highest level regardless if they are jumper or dressage bred.  Annaliese makes it interesting for them, they all really enjoy their work!
Annaliese has also ridden our horses in several KWPN Keurings.  Our horses have excelled when shown under Annaliese and have received the highest designation for quality available. In 2009, Annaliese piloted our amazing mare Beyond P (Olympic Ahorn x Olympic Ferro) with outstanding Keuring results, she was awarded Keur and received top placements on the prestigious KWPN-NA Top-Five List; 2009 Reserve Champion Jumper Mare, 2009 Champion IBOP Jumper and the 2009 Champion Iron Spring Farm Cup for 3-Year old Jumpers!
We highly recommend Annaliese, she is a very talented rider and trainer simply the best we have worked with!"

Michelle Bartlett & Roy Maher
Prima Equestrian

“Annaliese has demonstrated both dedication and devotion both as a rider and as a dressage coach. My first riding lesson with Annaliese at Providence Farm marked the beginning of a wonderful new start for me. I watched in amazement as my horse Top Brass transformed into a willing partner in a
matter of moments! Annaliese's approach is to encourage the horse to give willingly of itself, creating harmony between the horse and rider. Each lesson Annaliese strives to encourage both myself and my horse to reach full potential. After each lesson I am energized and motivated, looking forward to my next lesson.”

Sally Welsh
Fox Hollow Stable

"I have had the privilege of being under Annaliese Farber’s experienced tutalage for the past eight years. I have developed an extremely strong base in dressage through beginning lessons at an early age with Annaliese. This has allowed for accomplishment and success of my goals both in the show ring and in training. Annaliese offers immense knowledge, experience and passion for the sport which tends to rub off on her students. Annaliese only wants the best for her students while maintaining the horses’ welfare in mind. She is driven to see that her students exceed their goals and continues to push us to achieve our best. The skills that I have learned under Annaliese have better prepared me for the transition from the junior division into the adult amateurs. Taking up a working student position with Annaliese has also offered much experience and insight into the dressage lifestyle. I truly am lucky to have such a passionate, kind and knowledgeable coach who radiates sportsmanship and encouragement! I cannot wait to continue my learning journey with Annaliese."

Janet Gowans
Mid Magic Farm


"I have been working with Annaliese since 1999 when she returned to Canada from Germany. Annaliese’s knowledge of correct training, excellent eye on the ground and her ability to communicate what she sees, makes her an outstanding coach and trainer. Her passion for the sport drives this adult amateur to continue to learn, “feel” and become addicted to dressage.
With my present young horse I have enjoyed my own successes and wins
at the shows but I also enjoyed watching Annaliese compete with him quite
successfully. I am looking forward to experience some of the movements from higher levels and I know that she is the coach/trainer to get me there. She always remembers that I am adult amateur and shares my excitement when I feel something new and correct."

Heather Downs

"Annaliese has the ability to help the adult amateur rider/owner determine
their long term goals, then works with you hand in hand and achieve those goals. She is incredibly positive, focused and determined and you feel like she is riding every step with you and she enjoys your success as much as you do. She is tactful and honest in her assessments and lessons and is constantly striving to make you and your equine partner that much better. I have trained with Annaliese now for years and each year I am more and more impressed with her capabilities. She has made my current horse Rumble the amazing dressage horse that he is and we will continue to work with Annaliese for our entire career together.

Susanne Menzie

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